Exploration Potential

The Larder-Cadillac fault zone (LCFZ) has been interpreted from several aeromagnetic map products and historical geological maps.  

The Mistango team has a high degree of confidence in the location of the important structure at Omega. There are three main Target zones:

A – Extension of resource along northeast trending splay structure off the LCFZ. Mineralization is contained within a mixture of north-trending porphyry dykes and Temiskaming sediments, extending to the Omega property.

B – Strongly magnetic rock unit with anomalous magnetic lows, possibly indicating Fe-sulfide replacement of magnetite, often accompanying gold deposition

CSouthwest Zone: Significant gold intersections in the Temiskaming sediments, immediately south of the Cadillac-Larder Lake Break.  Here exists south-dipping LCFZ with sheared and veined metavolcanic rocks in hanging wall, and sheared and veined syenite intrusions hosted by Timiskaming Assemblage in the footwall.

Omega Deposit: Longitudinal And Expansion